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The potatoes are washed and boiled with the peel. Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and garlic and heat in a little oil.

When the potatoes are cooked, let them cool a bit or put them in cold water so that they can be cleaned, crush them with a fork and leave them to cool a bit (I boil the potatoes the night before).

Add eggs, salt, cinnamon and onion with hardened garlic. Mix well as the composition of meatballs.

Heat the oil and in the meantime make balls about the size of a walnut and pass them through rice flour.

I chose to make it with rice flour because it does not blacken the oil like wheat flour.


Delicious dinner of potatoes and minced meat!

Potato pudding with minced meat and Bechamel sauce (simplified version) is very juicy, tasty and filling. We really like such simple recipes: put the ingredients in the pan and put them in the oven, and the result is always wonderful!

For mashed potatoes:

-700 g of peeled potatoes

For meat composition:

- ground black pepper - to taste

-½ teaspoon of paprika

-½ teaspoon of granulated garlic

Other: 100 g of cheese (we used mozzarella for pizza).

1. Prepare the mashed potatoes: cut the potatoes into pieces and place them in a saucepan with lightly salted water. Boil them until they are ready. Take them out of the water and grind them well with the mashed crusher, adding the butter in them.

2. Add the egg and a little milk (enough to get the desired consistency). Stir until smooth.

3. Prepare the meat composition: cut the onion into cubes and fry it in 2-3 tablespoons of oil until it becomes semi-transparent.

4.Add the minced meat. Stirring constantly, fry everything until the meat is white and all the liquid in the pan has evaporated.

5. Add salt, ground black pepper to taste, paprika and granulated garlic. Stir.

6. Add the flour. Stir.

7. Add the milk. Stirring constantly, cook the meat composition until it thickens. Take it off the fire.

8.Assemble the pudding: grease the pan with butter. Spread the mashed potatoes evenly in it.

9. Spread the meat composition on the surface of the potatoes.

10. Sprinkle the cheese given through the large grater on it.

11. Bake the pudding for 20-30 minutes in the preheated oven to 200 ° C‌.

Fondant, brown and crispy potatoes. Recipe

The secret of this recipe is potatoes. They must be firm, keep their shape, not have "bugs" and not break when cooking. To be about the same size, without knots, and to be as fresh as possible.

  • After peeling, the potatoes are carefully cut into a cylinder shape. That's the trickiest part. Cut off the ends so that the cylinders can stand upright. If you find it complicated, simply cut a peeled potato in half, trying to make it on the section with the largest area.
  • The potatoes are salted and peppered on the horizontal surface. Heat olive oil in a pan over high heat. When the oil is hot, place the potato cylinders on the seasoned surface.
  • Fry for 3-4 minutes, or until golden brown. It is also seasoned on the upper surface.
    Lower the heat and return to the other flat surface. Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme, two cloves of garlic cut in half (optional) and a few cubes of quality butter. On fasting days you can use margarine.
  • Fry the potatoes for 5-10 minutes on the second side. Add hot vegetable or chicken soup, up to three quarters of the height of the potato cylinders.
  • Bring to the boil and then place the pan in the preheated oven at 200 ° C. Cook there for 12-15 minutes.

It's a different kind of french fries. Healthier, tastier and more handsome. They can be served as such or as a garnish for meat or fish.

Celion Dion becomes "God" at the Cannes Film Festival

Concert halls or stadiums are normally full of fans chanting the names of idols and humming their songs. And the phenomenon is not recent at all. It didn't start with bands like Take That, Backstreet Boys or One Direction. And not even with The Beatles, who aroused a real "beatlemanie" among young women in the '60s.

100 years ago, in Europe, there was a young musician who attracted crowds of admirers and gave birth to "Lisztmania". More attractive than Paul McCartney and John Lennon, he played the piano, and his name was Franz Liszt. He was the first rock star in the world.

Like Mozart, "Little Liz" - as he was known in France - Franz caught the attention of music lovers with his special talent. Born in 1811 into a modest family, Liszt was already singing for the Hungarian nobility at the age of nine. At the age of 11, he gave a big concert in Vienna, where he was applauded by Rossini and even Beethoven. It seems that Franz was as talented as he was seductive.

It went down in history! What could Alexandra, a young woman of only 23, give birth to! More than 40 doctors made a cross around her

Shock divorce! A famous couple from Antena 1 decided to end: "It beat me to the point of fainting"

Between 1839 and 1847, Franz lived the culmination of his career. He had managed to impress a wider audience with his virtuosity, which is why he was received in the cheers of music lovers everywhere in Europe. He traveled from one city to another, like a real rock star, and gave concerts of undeniable success.

With long hair and gestures that betrayed all the feelings he had when he sang, Liszt conquered an audience increasingly passionate about his music. It seems that women sensitive to his charm even fainted at his concerts. Moreover, his admirers were struggling to catch a glove or handkerchief thrown by the pianist to his large audience.

At that time, in 1844, the German poet Heinrich Heine called the whole hysteria caused by Franz "Lisztomania".

Potato Bunuelos - Recipes

Good evening! Dear Sofia, I presented the recipe, which I inherited from my grandmother and I wanted to give that description, in order to receive her authentic taste from my childhood.
Grandma called her a "dill". I know 2 other recipes for peasant potatoes, and in time I will expose them. As for adding other spices to the potatoes, in this case - paprika, everyone uses it according to their favorite taste in the family.

As I imagine, the potatoes made with red paprika will not be used as stuffing in the preparation of pies or dumplings. Their specific, aromatic and pleasant taste is received by adding ground black pepper and fried onions. This is the basic recipe.

Thank you very much for the new idea for me, and I think it will go well with the girls. It happened. Sincerely, Anisoara

and if you add some garlic. they are extraordinary. and if instead of oil you put jumeri with lard. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. this kind of potato is insanely good. many kisses. and as many recipes as possible

Option with tomatoes

The following recipe for boiled chicken hearts potatoes and vegetables will definitely appeal to those who like to eat. table cooked for him a very pleasant aroma and extraordinary richness. To make a similar dinner, you will need:

  • 750 grams of chicken hearts.
  • A big onion.
  • 800 grams of potatoes.
  • The medium carrot.
  • 300 grams of tomatoes.
  • A teaspoon of sugar.
  • A few cloves of garlic.
  • 1.5 teaspoons of meat spices.
  • Vegetables and butter.

This recipe for chicken hearts with potatoes is extremely simple. Therefore, any beginner can easily cope with its reproduction. Washed poultry waste is poured with cold water and left for at least half an hour. They are then rinsed under the tap, dried and fried in an oil pan. As soon as they multiply, add a little water and pour under a lid for fifteen minutes. After that, I send a pre-cooked sauce consisting of fried onions, carrots, grated tomatoes and sugar. Also slice potatoes, salt and spices. All of this was tormented on low heat for over forty minutes. Shortly before the process is over, crushed garlic and a tablespoon of butter are added to the common bowl.

How to make sweet potato sweets

sweet potato sweets These are typical sweets from Holy Week, as in the case of other sweets, they are made at other times of the year, just like at Carnival or when we feel we have tasted them. We can find other equally popular options during the famous week, such as the well-known ones. wind felt.

Sweet potato sweets are typical of the island of La Palma at Easter, they are very easy to prepare and very tasty.

They are ideal for enjoying breakfast and dessert in afternoon tea, accompanied by hot chocolate, coffee, tea or an infusion.

For dessert we can accompany it with a movement of honey, bathed in a light syrup, or accompanied by a spoonful of ice cream.

  • 3 medium-sized sweet potatoes.
  • Water and salt to cook sweet potatoes.
  • A tablespoon of flour.
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • A spoon of sugar.
  • A glass of sweet wine.
  • Sunflower oil for frying or olive oil.
  • Sugar chandelier to decorate.
  • Honey or herd syrup.

  1. Remove the skin from the sweet potatoes, wash them and cut them in half.
  2. Put the sweet potatoes in a cauldron, add water to cover them and a pinch of salt.
  3. Cook the sweet potatoes over medium heat until tender.
  4. Once they are cooked, drain the water and crush them well with a fork until they are crushed. We can also use the blender.
  5. Add the sweet potato puree, sweet wine, lemon juice, sugar, flour and knead everything together.
  6. When we have formed the dough, we take a spoonful of the dough with a spoon to form the bread balls.
  7. Heat the oil in a pan to fry the flakes. When the oil is hot, fry the cakes. We pray on both sides.
  8. Place the fried leaves on a plate covered with absorbent paper or napkins to drain the excess oil.
  9. Allow the cakes to cool.
  10. When they are cold, before presenting them at the table, sprinkle with shiny sugar.

When we taste them, we can accompany them with a movement of honey or syrup. Easter Recipes topics

Sorin Bontea's potato soup recipe, inspired by his great-grandmother. What ingredients do you need

As we are still fasting for Easter, Sorin Bontea comes to your aid with a simple and quick cooking preparation. The recipe for the potato soup of the famous jury from Chefs with knives, inspired by his great-grandmother. Here are the ingredients you need, but especially how to prepare it to taste as good as the chef's.

Sorin Bontea tells you how to prepare it.

  • How do you make the best potato soup?
  • Sorin Bontea jumps to the aid of housewives.

Although everyone is thinking about what dishes they will prepare for Easter, the fast is still in full swing. And if you are tired of vegetable vegetables, today we come to the aid of all the ladies and gentlemen and present you the recipe for potato soup of Sorin Bontea, inspired by his great-grandmother. The famous jury from Chefs with knives wanted to specify that it never turned out as tasty as that of Maia, his great-grandmother. In fact, he has been struggling for many years to get the much desired taste of childhood.

& rdquoI suggest we make a potato soup. I have been struggling to do it since I was 16-17 years old, I am struggling to get out just like Maia did, Maia took care of great-grandchildren, the granddaughter of my grandchildren. I try to make it and have the same taste. It never came out like that & rdquo, revealed Sorin Bontea.

Preparation for the recipe for baked potatoes, with tomatoes and garlic, fasting

Next you can read the written recipe or see step by step video recipe:

The potatoes are cleaned and washed, if they are small, they are left whole, if they are bigger, they are cut in 2, in 4 and placed in the tray.

Add the tomato juice and oil, crushed garlic, spices, water and oil and put the tray in the oven. It is good to cover the tray with aluminum foil or a lid for the first 20 minutes, then remove and let it brown.

After 10 minutes, sprinkle the potatoes with the sauce from the oven once more and let them cook. After 30 minutes, prick it with a fork, I'm sure I'm ready.

Remove the tray, sprinkle with chopped greens (I prefer dill) and then eat with much appetite, along with a seasonal salad. & # 128578

Advice from Gina Bradea

I recommend using potatoes that have a yellow skin: they are flourier and sweeter.

Don't forget the secret ingredient: sprinkle with love and with 2-3 smiles & lt3

Now let me see you: I challenge you to try the recipe and come back with pictures and comments. I am always here, just a click away and I answer questions with great joy. We cook simple and tasty goodies together.

Let's make simple Romanian cuisine known everywhere, as our mothers and grandmothers cooked!

Potato fasting recipe with tomato juice, prepared in the oven was also tried by the readers of the blog Pofta Buna !:

Light recipes for baked potatoes with garlic and cheese with mold

Are you out of ideas and have no idea what else to prepare well for your loved ones? Or maybe you have guests and you want to impress them? The recipes below are very easy to make and the list of ingredients is short. Here are three simple ways to prepare the tastiest potatoes with garlic and cheese with mold!

Necessary ingredients:

  • 4 large potatoes
  • 100g diced molded cheese
  • 150ml fat cooking cream
  • 100g finely chopped bacon
  • 30g butter
  • coarse salt
  • olive oil
  • chives tocate

Method of preparation:

Wash the potatoes well, dry them with a paper towel, then grease them with oil and salt. Put them on a tray and bake for an hour at 180 degrees Celsius. Fry the bacon in hot butter, then add the sour cream and cheese. Simmer for 2 minutes on low heat. Finally, season with salt and pepper. When the potatoes are cooked, take them out of the pan, grate them and serve them with the delicious sauce and chopped chives.

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